Gent’s Cuts

I was watching TV whilst having breakfast this morning and I had a huge flashback. When I first started out as a Barber, in the back garden shed, there was always a great group of regulars coming through the door every week. There was always this one guy though who I particularly enjoyed cutting every other Tuesday and he always reminded me of Sir Anthony Hopkins. Not just because he would have a trim, beard shave, and the occasional nose, ear and eyebrow tidy up but probably more so for his mannerisms and anecdotal stories! Was an absolute legend. Made me realise, we don’t have half the number of customers in that age category anymore down in Pensarn. I wonder whether people of Carmarthen realise just how accessible Bangz HQ is!? We’ve literally got free parking outside our shop door, there’s a huge range of complimentary coffee as soon as you sit down and I’ve also just got the idea to start a discount on a Tuesday for the ‘elder gentleman’ among us. We’ll even get in a few cakes for a Tuesday too! Look forward to welcoming you down to us…..

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