Christmas Opening Hours 2020

#StaySharp this Christmas, get booked in early!

14th December – 10.00 – 18:00
15th December – 10.00 – 18:00
16th December – 10.00 – 18:00
17th December – 10.00 – 20:00
18th December – 10.00 – 20:00
19th December – 07.00 – 15:00
21st December – 10.00 – 20:00
22nd December – 10.00 – 20:00
23rd December – 10.00 – 20:00
24th December – Closed
25th December – Closed
26th December – Closed
27th December – Closed
28th December – Closed
29th December – 10.00 – 20:00
30th December – 10.00 – 20:00
31st December – 08.00 – 16:00
1st January 2021 – Closed


Reopening, again!

The two week firebreak is over. The 9th November has been our target for the last fortnight. As we open our doors, we want all of our customers to be aware of the following protocols that we will continue to operate with, to ensure we are the safest barber shop we possibly can be;

Appointment Only.

Online or contactless payments only.

Client temperature will be checked upon arrival.

Hand sanitiser must be applied upon entrance (Dispenser by the desk).

Fresh gown and towel for every single client.

You must wear a mask.
They will be available to purchase in store if you haven’t got one.

No toilets will be available.

You must come to your appointment alone unless you are
carer or with a parent/guardian.

Please turn up on time. Feel free to sit in your car.

You must wait outside until you are called in.

Please be assured that we are doing our best to keep you and
our staff as safe as possible!

#SaferThanYourAverage #StaySafe #StaySharp